Katie truly enjoyed the class so much. Thank you for your hard work with them.
— Christina Lopez, Mom
I know that our daughter Dagmar loved your course and you inspired her with it.
— Elsewine Rietveld, Presence Trainer
You are a very special young lady! Your words were inspiring and just the right approach for our kids :)
— Suzanne Garcia, Assistant Principal, Grover Cleveland High School
"I would like to thank you for the weeks you spent with my daughter. The class provided her with a safe place where she could share her feelings and just be herself without being judged. I definitely see her being more conscientious about her actions as well as her interactions with both friends and family. I am also witnessing her feeling more confident in her appearance as well as realizing that she has quite a few personal strenghts!! The lessons she learned while with you were real eye openers for her. I would highly recommend lessons for my daughter to anyone with a preteen/teen daughter. I know my daughter will take the class again in the future as well!"

Denise Scorcia, Mom

"Carmin was exceptional to work with! She successfully tailored her curriculum for our co-ed, multi-age constituency and she designed  her lessons to fit our 1 hour class session  format. Our students were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed their learning experience during each lesson. Carmin's classroom management is commendable and her ability to connect with each child is incredibly admirable.  She was empowering and motivating to not only our students but also to our staff."

Karolina Bizik, M.C.H. Ed., Director of Continuing Education Programs, Kingsborough Community College, City University of New York, Office of Continuing Education

"A truly life changing course. Carmin is such an inspiring soul. Something that I loved about this course was that there was a one-on-one connection you truly feel. You know that you have someone who truly cares what you think, how you feel, and wants you to succeed. I recommend this course to everyone."

Giulia Bodoni - 14, Lessons For My Daughters Graduate

"It was such a pleasure to have Carmin come and speak to our girls in the program.  Instances are few and far between that our girls are told how beautiful they really are, and that they recognize the values in themselves that make them as such.  They vocalized what real beauty was to them in the group, and it was just amazing to hear their responses.  Even our most cynical girls opened up, and that was due to what a warm and inviting woman Carmin is.  Thank you so much for coming out to us, and we hope to work with you again!"

Jennifer Simonetti, The New York Foundling:  Desales, Mother/Child Program

"Thank you, Carmin, for your thoughtful and inspiring presentation to our 3rd grade Brownie troop. Capturing and maintaining the attention of 21, 8-9 year old girls is not an easy task...especially after a full day of school! You managed to engage them from start to finish, relating a very important message with such positive energy. It's never too early to be reminded that every one of us is unique and beautiful. Even our young troop has encountered times when some girls feel left out and hurt by the actions of others. We will continue to remind them of your message "Be-YOU-tiful YOU"in our future meetings. 
Thank you for sharing your talents and time with us. We look forward to having you back next year!"

Jennifer, Patty, Erica, and Dawn, Brownie Troop Leaders - St. Anne's School, Garden City, New York

"Carmin Caterina is a truly excellent mentor for youth.  I had the pleasure of collaborating with her at a gratitude workshop for foster children in NYC, where she incorporated her 'It's Great To Be Me!' project.  She was the perfect combination of warmth and positivity - a true role model for youth of all ages."

Jacqueline Rose Ranieri, Founder at Jacqueline Rose

"Thank you Carmin for visiting our nursery and bringing your important message to the children in our care.  The workshop was fun and engaging and perfectly tailored to the younger children.  I think everyone, including the adults present, grew in self-confidence and mindfulness!"

 Kathleen Biemer, The New York Foundling

"The workshop was fun and engaging!  It was not your typical 'throw information at you' workshop.  Carmin captured the attention of all and everyone felt so comfortable sharing their stories and experiences."

Sharon Dror, Speech Language Pathologist, PS 212 - Brooklyn, New York

"I think this workshop is great for adults and kids alike.  We all struggle with past and emotions coloring our perspective and there were great strategies presented to increase objectivity and mindfulness."

Anonymous, District 22 Teacher of Speech Improvement Professional Development Attendee

"Very enjoyable workshop!  Learned great things that I plan on "pulling out of my hat" on a daily basis as needed/appropriate."

 Anonymous, District 22 Teacher of Speech Improvement Professional Development Attendee

"Enjoyed the workshop.  Very interesting and easy to be engaged in the information."

Cara Robb, MS, CCC-SLP, New York City Department of Education

"I feel this type of workshop or a part II of this workshop would be beneficial in the future as a refresher.  It is so important to be in touch with your feelings now and always as a professional and human being!"

Anonymous, District 22 Teacher of Speech Improvement Professional Development Attendee

"Thank you so much!  As an adult, it often goes unnoticed that we should live in the now because we are always doing something for the future.  Thank you for bringing it back to NOW."

Anonymous, District 22 Teacher of Speech Improvement Professional Development Attendee

"A very thought provoking workshop with many constructive activities."

Mirian Wolfe, Speech Therapist, New York City Department of Education

"This was wonderful!  This was extremely helpful to me as a teacher (besides taking this and using it with kids).  It will help me to be a better teacher, and parent - changing perspectives about things at work and being more mindful with the students, and my own children at home!"

 Anonymous, District 22 Teacher of Speech Improvement Professional Development Attendee

"I wanted to thank you, Carmin, for your visit yesterday!  The girls were so impressed by your visit and many of them have sought me out afterward and this morning to ensure that you would be visiting again.  It was wonderful to see their expressions change as your words resonated with them and sometimes hit very close to home.  Your stories were relatable and worked well in illustrating your lessons.  I hope we can collaborate again sometime soon."

Vera Nigai, Guidance Counselor, HS for Construction Trades, Engineering, & Architecture - Ozone Park, New York

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