Be-YOU-tiful You!

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Be-YOU-tiful You!



And to know that she is beautiful exactly as she is?

Do you want her to develop a healthy body image, and be more positive?

Do you want to her develop the courage to speak her truth, and empower her to live a life that she loves?

I want you to sit back and think of your childhood. Was there a woman in your life who taught you to love yourself? How long was it until you started taking her words to heart?

For me, this woman was my Nonna. My maternal grandmother was one of the only constants in my turbulent childhood. When I was with her, my troubles washed away. At the time, I wasn’t conscious of the ways that she was profoundly changing my life. But even in the darkest moments of uncertainty, her presence allowed me to hold on to my light.

Be-YOU-tiful You is the first transformational lesson of my more robust GIRL POWERED course. I want for your daughter to use this self-paced course to reflect on the beauty that lies within her and recognize the power she holds!

This virtual course is a space for your daughter to share with you her beauty, power, talents, and dreams. Enroll below to open the lines of communication with your daughter, putting her on a path to CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT!

Enroll my daughter now!

What parents have to say:

“I would like to thank you for the weeks you spent with my daughter. The class provided her with a safe place where she could share her feelings and just be herself without being judged. I definitely see her being more conscientious about her actions as well as her interactions with both friends and family. I am also witnessing her feeling more confident in her appearance as well as realizing that she has quite a few personal strenghts!! The lessons she learned while with you were real eye openers for her. I would highly recommend lessons for my daughter to anyone with a preteen/teen daughter.” - Denise Scorcia - Mom

What educators have to say:

“Carmin was exceptional to work with! Our students were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed their learning experience during each lesson. Carmin's classroom management is commendable and her ability to connect with each child is incredibly admirable. She was empowering and motivating to not only our students but also to our staff.” - K. Bizik, MCH ED, Director of Continuing Education Programs - Kingsborough Community College

Your Instructor

Carmin Caterina is a NYS licensed speech-language pathologist, who after spending over a decade in New York City's inner city schools realized her life's purpose is that of empowering and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves and to truly live in happiness and peace. She has always had an affinity for working in the most challenging settings in some of NYC's toughest neighborhoods. As a product of the inner city herself and a childhood of feeling disconnected, she realized the power of a simple uplifting word and how a little bit of positivity might have transformed her own life. Raising two daughters has shown her how different your world can be just by learning some simple, yet profound truths at an early age.