“I love this class, I'm changing so much in the best way possible.” Samia 15



“Even in the dark you still see her spark

She is determined and kind with all of her heart

Shes brave and strong when things go wrong

When things are bad she lends a hand

When you are weak she helps you stand

This girl in your head is YOU my friend

This girl is you and this is true.”

Madison, A Lessons For My Daughters Graduate

It's not easy but you are not alone...

The Lessons For My Daughters workshop is a safe place where you can come, take an hour for yourself and talk about the things that are important to girls today all while making new friends, having some fun, and learning lessons that will help you to lead a happier life. We will show you that you have the power to make your life what you want it to be regardless of your circumstances, while helping you build your confidence and enabling you to identify the positives in your life. 

What you will get out of taking this workshop...

A Positive and Empowered Attitude

Check Out What A Former Student Had To Say... 

Feeling More Confident

Tips On Taking Care Of Yourself In The Best Way

A Stronger Sense Of Self

Improved Decision Making Skills

Creating Healthy Friendships

Better Ways To Adapt To Change And Manage Emotions

Tools To Help You Navigate Difficult Situations

Healthy Ways To Manage Stress And Anxiety

An Overall Feeling That YOU, Yes YOU Can Change The World!


Workshop Gifts.png


  • A Gratitude Journal

  • Keepsake mirror reminding you that you are “forever beautiful”

  • “girl powered” 100% organic T-shirt

  • Workbook

  • As well as other surprise gifts!


I need this workshop, how do I sign up?

Signing up for a workshop is easy! Your parents can sign you up directly from our site by clicking the button below. 

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