Do You Ever Wonder What The Whole Purpose Is?

For information on upcoming teen empowerment workshops, please visit this  page .

For information on upcoming teen empowerment workshops, please visit this page.

Do you ever wonder what the whole purpose is? Do you ever think maybe there's a lot more than meets the eye? What if we are ALL the universal source split into 7 billion people who have forgotten that we are all ONE?  What if when enough people remember, this reality ends, and boom we ascend to the next level? What if it really is all just a game?  What if we are meant to play with creation?  

If it sounds crazy, remember all things are said to be impossible until they're done.

When you think about it, almost every single thing that we consider reality is so because enough people agreed on it.  It's an agreed reality.  Are your views really your own, or do they come from somewhere else?  For example, on a large scale, we agreed on these imaginary lines and borders that don't actually exist in any real sense.  They're not there - yet we have caused widespread destruction in defense of them. 

We agreed that one race is superior to another and then act accordingly.

Even if this is not your individual belief, it is one of the collective and it gets played out over and over until we decide to say stop.  We agreed that certain things are illegal while others are not. When I studied educational law, it was made very clear that the law doesn't really exist until someone chooses to enforce it.  You see this all the time when different people engage in the same behavior: one is faced with consequences as a direct result of their actions and the other is not.  On a smaller level we agree on what's cool and in style and in fashion, what's unacceptable or acceptable, what's "weird", and what the "norm" is. 

Things are as they are because enough people agreed on it.

Here in lies the ultimate power. If reality is agreed-upon then we can change our minds, agree to something that benefits the whole, and in turn create a new reality.  We just have to wake up and remember that we're on the same team and that Earth is the mothership. If we destroy her and we destroy each other then we have no chance.  I don't believe that is our fate.  There is so much good in the world but that doesn't make the 6 o'clock news. 

But if it seems as though things are falling apart, maybe it's because better things are coming together. You can't build upon an unsteady foundation.  Tear down what's not working and rebuild from the ground up.  

Let's dream up a new world together! Leave your thoughts below.

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