Who Are YOU?

Who are you?  The moment you step foot into this world you get defined. You are defined by your sex, the name you are given, the neighborhood you reside in, your family's financial status, and the list goes on and on.  As you continue to grow you take on some more roles.  You start to define yourself by your job title or your profession, maybe by the degrees you have hanging on the wall, or lack thereof. You might introduce yourself as mom or dad of _______ and perhaps Mr. or Mrs. so and so. You may even change your name to reflect your new role.  But who are you really?  Who are you underneath all the labels and the many costumes you wear daily?  Who would you be if all that got taken away?  Many times, we so powerfully attach ourselves to these identities that we believe that these labels are US!  In fact, individual lives can literally shatter and crumble when things are no longer as we want them to be if, by chance, we become stripped of our costume.  The truth is you are a limitless being experiencing life for a brief moment in time.  You are the witness, the observer of the journey.  You are in control of the choices you make and the roles you play.  You are both the director and the actor but you have also written the screenplay.  So ask yourself, who do you want to be?  You can fall victim to our experiences which you judge to be negative and remain small or you can go forth with the knowledge that you can be whatever you want in this play called life.  However, do not forget to remember, your true essence is untouchable and therefore cannot be affected by any outside circumstance.  You, my dear, are infinite.  

Photo:  courtesy of my beautiful friend @treeza22 who captured this on our sunset run over the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, New York