The Pressures of Being a Teen

The Pressures of Being a Teen

Being a teen in society today is no joke. Being a teen was hard for me for many reasons and having good friends helped a lot. But going through it yourself is one thing while watching your own daughters transform before your eyes and seeing them face challenges is quite another! But it isn’t just that, I realized being a teen today is more challenging than ever—and it hit me hard when my oldest daughter began high school and my youngest became a middle schooler.

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Magic Happens at CTEA

Have you ever had an experience where you knew you had just completely altered the course of your life? Today is that day for me. Lessons For My Daughters was truly birthed into existence today. This is a picture of the front entrance to the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture.  Life brought me to these doors just a few short years ago on what was one of the most devastating days of my life but what turned out to be a blessing (as it often happens) and a huge beginning of spiritual growth for me. Something inside myself forced me to show up to what was supposed to be the first day of a new job even though I felt incapable of functioning. Well it turns out it was so much more than a temporary position to cover a speech caseload. I was met with so much compassion by a woman, the Assistant Principal of Special Education; Ms. Kathryne Stahl, who has always seemed to see so much in me.  She was a blessing that day and all the days after, that I worked with her students just outside her office. She was a blessing when she supported my unschooling journey and my desire to move to the west coast. She was a blessing when she agreed to mentor me and provide me with an internship so I could complete my certificate in Educational Administration (even though I chose not to take that road) and she was a blessing when she said YES again to another one of my dreams.

I was able to speak to the most amazing group of beautiful and inspiring young girls at her high school today because she said YES to the Be-YOU-tiful YOU project and I cannot even put into words what that meant for me. To be able to connect with these young women today ... wow!  It was such bliss to see the resonance in their eyes while listening to my words. Today is such an epic day in my life and for Lessons For My Daughters.  One of the most beautiful compliments I received after my talk was from a young girl who told me that she loved that I was 'so open.'  For me, it seems like I have taken a long road to have reached the point of being able to live authentically and to speak MY truth, from my heart and to have gotten that validation from these young women today is truly a testament to what I aspire to be for them.  A living example of an empowered, self-confident woman ... a reflection of their own greatness.  I may not have had the benefit of many strong, female influences in my life but I intend to be one, for my daughters and for daughters everywhere.