For You, Not To You

Get your sheet of printable positive affirmations  here.  

Get your sheet of printable positive affirmations here. 

Have you ever thought about how life would show up differently if you believed everything was happening for you and not to you?  What if you truly believed the world was rigged in your favor? 

Well I for one, know that it is. 

Human suffering occurs when we want something to be different from what it actually is. But what if we made like mamma nature and just went with the flow?  Make like a cloud and float along, care free? How can we learn from the flowing river and the breeze rustling through the trees? I believe there is a message in the way the planets never seem to worry about just how they are floating through outer space.

So why then, do we put so much emphasis on the smallest of nuances that seem to go wrong in our daily lives?  Why do we micromanage our time to the last second?  A beautiful teacher of mine recently challenged me to add a second column to my to-do list.  It is here that she said I should place the items that I am leaving up to God or the Universe – whatever name you give to the idea of a greater intelligence – and it has really done wonders in my life, and in the amount of work I force myself to do. 

Create the possibility that you can do LESS and accomplish MORE.

What if we took the path of least resistance and worked with what is working?  What if we trusted that we are always supported, and just as the way winter does not worry that spring will come again, nor should you worry about circumstances that seem hopeless.  Imagine a young child experiencing a long frost for the first time.  At first glance it might appear as though the landscape is lifeless but just as our earth goes through cycles, so do we, and some of the most beautiful blossoms emerge from the darkest of periods.

Remember that you are that magic and flow which is life - and the moment you begin focusing on that, the more you will realize just how life has always been working FOR you. 

Start with consciously choosing to repeat positive affirmations to yourself daily. For your own sheet of 16 printable, positive affirmations geared towards teenage girls, click here. 

Rise Up: A Call To Action For Girls Everywhere



Growing up may seem challenging. It can sometimes feel like uniqueness is not something to be celebrated. That for some reason not making waves and blending in with everyone else is the way to go.

I saw this with my own daughter, who is now 13.  When she was little and just beginning school, it was every girl in class invited to the party. There was nothing but love between these budding Goddesses. As they grew older, the circle split into smaller ones and some inevitably began to feel left out.

There is a sense of comfort in this idea of "fitting in" but the truth is that is not real.  

There is nothing we fit into.  Sure, it's wonderful when we can share similar interests and life experiences. I certainly made friends this way when I was younger and still do today - but there is an underlying culture of calling people out who are somewhat "different."  There is an undeniable mean girl undercurrent among girls and even more so among their moms. 

It is time to rise up and return to our sisterhood.  We must lead by example and lift up our fellow sisters and teach our daughters to do the same.  When we empower and support one another we realize that there is no scarcity of any thing at all.  There is enough abundance in the world, in our communities, and within our social circles for everyone to have more than what they need.  The desire to compete falls away. 

We find that when we heal others, we heal ourselves, as our reflection lives in all.  Let us celebrate our differences and bask in our unity that runs deep.   Let us understand that there is so much more to learn from those who appear different than us as they afford us a new and unique way in which to see the world.  

When we remain open hearted to our sisters, we clearly see the paradox in that however we try to define ourselves and separate ourselves, deep down we are all the same.  We have the same hopes and fears and beneath the facade, we all want the same things. So let's celebrate each other and our differences, and love each other in our oneness.  

Let's rise above divisions that society has created and form a new paradigm for a global sisterhood.  

Do you have a young woman in your life? download our free guide for tips to empower your daughter to feel more confident. 

Magic Happens at CTEA

Have you ever had an experience where you knew you had just completely altered the course of your life? Today is that day for me. Lessons For My Daughters was truly birthed into existence today. This is a picture of the front entrance to the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture.  Life brought me to these doors just a few short years ago on what was one of the most devastating days of my life but what turned out to be a blessing (as it often happens) and a huge beginning of spiritual growth for me. Something inside myself forced me to show up to what was supposed to be the first day of a new job even though I felt incapable of functioning. Well it turns out it was so much more than a temporary position to cover a speech caseload. I was met with so much compassion by a woman, the Assistant Principal of Special Education; Ms. Kathryne Stahl, who has always seemed to see so much in me.  She was a blessing that day and all the days after, that I worked with her students just outside her office. She was a blessing when she supported my unschooling journey and my desire to move to the west coast. She was a blessing when she agreed to mentor me and provide me with an internship so I could complete my certificate in Educational Administration (even though I chose not to take that road) and she was a blessing when she said YES again to another one of my dreams.

I was able to speak to the most amazing group of beautiful and inspiring young girls at her high school today because she said YES to the Be-YOU-tiful YOU project and I cannot even put into words what that meant for me. To be able to connect with these young women today ... wow!  It was such bliss to see the resonance in their eyes while listening to my words. Today is such an epic day in my life and for Lessons For My Daughters.  One of the most beautiful compliments I received after my talk was from a young girl who told me that she loved that I was 'so open.'  For me, it seems like I have taken a long road to have reached the point of being able to live authentically and to speak MY truth, from my heart and to have gotten that validation from these young women today is truly a testament to what I aspire to be for them.  A living example of an empowered, self-confident woman ... a reflection of their own greatness.  I may not have had the benefit of many strong, female influences in my life but I intend to be one, for my daughters and for daughters everywhere.