Messages From The Bronx

“Create.”  That is the word that was written across the mural I happened to park my car next to on Wednesday.  A school I have been to on several occasions however every other time except this day I missed this block long masterpiece!  It reminded me that creation is all that we are and what we see depends entirely on the angle from which we view.  I create.  My thoughts create, my heart creates, my hands create, my voice creates!  Our lives are literally art and we get to decide the modality in which we share our work and despite what you have been told, each moment the canvas can be blank and you may begin again.  We have a lot more control over our lives than we believe.  We control what we think and we are in charge of our actions when we react to every single moment life presents to us.  In fact, you can also create the things and situations that are most pleasing to you by focusing on your desires rather than giving your energy to any current unpleasant circumstances that you may be dealing with.  So what will you choose?  Will you choose to expend your energy fighting your current reality or does dancing with your dreams sound much more enticing?  I know what I want to do.

Photo:  Grand Concourse @ East 166th Street - Bronx, New York