Can You Feel It?


Words have power.  It is true that we can speak things into existence, but it is not just about what you are saying, it is about what you are FEELING.  Your body and mind do not know the difference between what is real and what has been imagined.  Have you ever been driving or daydreaming, start to think about someone you miss or some way you have been hurt, and you can automatically feel the tears well up in your eyes?  Sometimes we drop our loved ones off at the airport or the hospital and conjure up the worst possible thoughts - and our bodies react even though, at the moment, everything is perfectly fine.  You might think about the man or woman who gives you butterflies and all of a sudden feel your heart begin to race.  How is that possible?  How can your body react to a simple thought or a memory?  It is because humans have something called heart based feeling technology and when you use your heart to FEEL a new reality - you will much more easily draw yourself to it.  Try it.  Spend a few minutes each day imagining the life of your dreams.  What does that feel like? I would love to hear all about the magic you are manifesting! :)

Photo:  Magic in the sky - Lynbrook, New York