• Do you want your daughter to feel more confident?

  • Know that she is beautiful exactly as she is?

  • Develop a healthy body image?

  • Be more positive?

  • Have the courage to speak her truth?

  • Feel empowered to live a life she loves?

Lessons For My Daughters is an innovative and unique workshop aimed at empowering young women and girls. Over the course of six to eight weeks, participants will rediscover the beauty and magic inside them that is uniquely theirs.  

Our girls learn tools to navigate obstacles and emotions as well as gain a more positive outlook on life. They develop healthier habits and implement life-changing practices such as mindfulness and gratitude, into their daily lives.

In the process, these young women and girls experience the power that arises from cultivating a true sisterhood. They also learn the limitless possibilities they can intentionally create in their lives regardless of circumstance and are always encouraged to dream big

CONFIDENTLY                 BEAUTIFULLY                 BOLDLY